Wedding Videos

How will you relive your wedding day?

In a few years the memories of your wedding day will have faded into a misty haze

Vague recollections of the ceremony, the vows, the speeches and jokes.

But the memories of your day could be as fresh as the day they happened
A digital video will capture all the colour, sound, romance, and laughter forever in a format that will never age.

Why have a video?

Our wedding videos capture the emotions and events of the day. We make a documentary of your wedding, how you met, the proposal, and then the big day from start to finish.

Did you know?

  • 70% of brides have their wedding videotaped by someone.
  • 54% of brides thought their video more fully captured the emotion of their wedding day  compared to 27% for the photographers.
  • After the wedding, 79% of brides view the videographer as a "Top 10" service.


How to select a wedding videographer.


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David Drouillard
Date: Sep 17, 2010

“United Way of Chatham-Kent has worked with Tom and Lisa from Renegade Productions on several projects including our Annual Campaign video and the Chatham-Kent Amazing Race. We have enjoyed the close working relationship Tom establishes with us and with our volunteers. The resulting videos ha...